Deborah Noyes’s Captivity Review


This is a histrionic and historical book authored by Deborah Noyes in 1848.  It has a hard cover with about 352 pages. Unbridled Books publishers first published “Captivity” on 1st January 2010 and it reveals the birth of the American Spiritualist movement in 1848. This great novel explored the intersections of humanism and spiritualism, as seen in the cases of weird Fox sisters, and lives troubled and haunted by love and loss exhibited by Clara Gill as she lived a vulnerable and secluded live in search of solution to her predicaments from a society that could not help her. Really, the book x-rays the lives of two groups of people living in captivity as one, the Fox sisters are bound by their quest for mystical and magical powers, and the other, Clara Gill is held captive by her search of relieve from a people that are living in delusion.

The Theme

The theme centers and explores the circumstances that could lead someone into captivity and bondage like the quest for mystical powers and searching for a solution to one’s predicaments in a wrong way. The mystical powers of the Fox sisters that claimed to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, lead to the Spiritualist Movement of 1848 in America. They were able to lead the people into the sphere of captivity and delusion.

The Plot

There are two plots and storylines in the book, which are the exhibition of the magical powers of three sisters from the family of Fox, Maggie, Leah, and Kate known as the Fox sisters; and Clara Gill, a woman troubled and obsessed by the love she had for her boyfriend, who was missing in London.  She had the hope that the Fox sisters would help her in communicating with her lover, who was regarded as being dead.


The novel has its setting in New York in America. It is a true story revealing the origin and birth of the American Spiritualist Movement in 1848, and how Americans where led into captivity.

The language and diction 

The book “Captivity” was written in the English language and Deborah Noyes carefully employed artistic language to write this historical novel. The language is simple to understand and you can literally migrate from one plot to another following her synopsis.

About the Author

Deborah Noyes lives in New York with her family and is not only an author but also a photographer. She writes for adults and children.

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